Example: A Simple Drawing Program
Simple XHTML schema
Simple Drawing Schema
The Main Application
Creating the drawing code
XML examples and Screen shots
Example 2: A simple Web Browser

Example: A Simple Drawing Program

The Schema Toolkit now comes with an application, TestDisplay, that can be used as a web browser for some generated XML display vocabularies. There are two examples: the first creates a simple drawing program and the second builds a more sophisticated drawing program along with text display and hyperlinks.

The aim of the first example is to show how two simple schema vocabularies can be created and the generated code used to build a real application that can process and use schema-validated XML. What is required is a simple example that does not take much code writing. This will be drawing simple lines, circles and rectangles. For this two schemas are constructed: SimpleXHTML.xsd and SimpleDrawing.xsd.

Example XML

Stick figure