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What is intended for XML Schema Toolkit?
The project is at the stage where it has a demonstrable and usable API and developer tool. Now it is looking for developers and companies to help put it on a commercial, professional footing. The license is currently such that anyone is free to independently develop their own libraries and applications from it. Since there are a large number of XML standards and specifications to choose from, or new schemas can be created independently, the variety of applications that can be created is immense.

There is much work to be done on the toolkit itself, such as:-

  • The complete implementation of XML-Schema so that it satisfies all the test suites.
  • Optimising the API.
  • Extending to other languages.
  • Extending to other operating systems.

Offers of help will be considered enthusiastically. I can be contacted via email at [email protected].

What are the Commercial Plans?
The aim is to release the finished Toolkit commercially. The intention is to separate the commercial code-creating toolkit from the common API and library components. These components would be freely available and redistributable. It is also expected that applications making use of a number of vocabularies from a variety of independent sources can be commercialized, the revenue going proportionately to each contributor.

Future Intentions for the Web Site
The web site is currently undergoing an overhaul of all its documentation. There are also ambitious aims to create additional areas including:-

  • A demonstration of the uses of the Schema Toolkit in the creation of advanced web functionality.
  • An area to find, comprehend, download, and/or buy libraries and applications that have been created with the aid of the Schema Toolkit.
  • An open area to discuss issues, ideas and projects arising from the Toolkit.

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