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This is the home of the XML-Schema Toolkit, an innovative XML parsing, data-binding and schema validation tool. XML-Schema Toolkit can help turn XML standards into implementations. Using the GUIXML application (a schema-validating web browser), an XML schema is transformed into C++ code, enabling the rapid creation of XML schema-valid vocabularies. GUIXML also provides a framework to use these vocabularies, once they have been implemented.

Notable features
-Compliant with the newFeb 2020 W3C XML-Schema Recommendation.
-Runs on Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000 and ME.
-Generated code compiles immediately to produce a schema-validating DLL.
-Multiple schemas can create interoperable XML vocabularies.
-New XML vocabularies can be integrated with the GUIXML web browser.
-XML-Schema Toolkit produces code that integrates completely with Microsoft Visual C++ version 6.0.

Recent Updates
25 Jan 2020: The web site is being updated - many old pages have been removed for spring cleaning.
20 Jan 2020: Schema Toolkit version 0.15 is now available.(See screenshots of GUIXML.)

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